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How does my 14-day Free Trial work?

We understand that software for your business is an expensive but necessary purchase, that’s why we offer you a completely free, full featured, 14-day trial. You can sign up entirely free, without any credit card information at all! Finish the trial but still not sure SchedFast is right for you? That’s okay! We’ll keep your account information saved (unless you ask us not to) so that you can jump right in where you left off at any point! Your SchedFast free trial could not be easier!

Do I have to sign a contract?

No! We’re not your wireless company, we’re not trying to lock you in with complicated contracts and charges. In fact, the whole reason we made this system is so that you can do away with paperwork! All of our subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis.

What happens if I reach my submission limit?

Using SchedFast more that you thought? Yeah, that happens. Don’t worry! If you’re coming close to any of your limits, you’ll get an email from us telling you that you’re almost at capacity. If at any point you reach the level, we’re not mean people, we’re not just going to shut you down, we’ll automatically bump you to the next level and send you an email letting you know so you never lose your information and you can always use the system at the level that’s right for you!

Are your forms secure?


We could bore you and give you a whole bunch of technical information about the extraordinary security measures SchedFast takes to ensure all of your data is kept safe and secure…

And that’s exactly what we’ll do!

What types of payment do you accept?

We take Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We can create annual invoices for Manager and Team plans. Contact us to request an invoice. The nonprofit discount applies to invoices, but the annual cost does not.

Do you offer a discount for Nonprofits?

SchedFAST will provide a 25% discount to non-educational, non-governmental organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fill out our nonprofit form to quaify for the discount.

Do you provide customer support?

We offer a variety of support channels; a support site with full documentation, feature requests, and walk-through videos to help get you started with our online form builder. We also provide email support during normal business hours (9AM – 6PM EST Monday – Friday) to give you personalized customer service.

Toll Free: (888) 754-1885
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New York: (631) 403-1235

SchedFast utilizes an HTTPS secured connection and adheres strictly to those protocol. In order to maintain safety for your company's and your customers data, SchedFast also does daily backups, so yo can rest assured that your information is kept safely and securely on the cloud. Doesn't that sound comfy? If you would like further details on what makes SchedFast one of the most secure and comprehensive pieces of software you can adopt into your business, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly representatives!