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Online Scheduling, Appointment and Invoice Management

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SchedFAST keeps getting better!

Here are just some of the coming attractions for SchedFAST

QuickBooks Integration

Automatically synchronize your sales data directly to QuickBooks, saving valuable time and ensuring accurate numbers.

Whether you use QuickBooks for Windows or QuickBooks Online, the generation of SchedFAST will offer two-way synchronization of client and invoice data.

Digital Signatures

Send invoices and estimates to clients for signature with just a few clicks. Customers will sign your invoices and estimates online in seconds, without the hassles of paper, printing, scanning, or faxing.

Your customers will be able to sign documents online (or on your iPhone).

Automatic Payment Schedule

Improve sales and get paid faster by automatically processing recurring payments. This feature will even allow you to accepting a payment schedule for larger purchases. You simply enter the payment schedule and let SchedFAST automate the process of collecting the funds!

GPS Tracking

Get more jobs done “on time,” while keeping your customers happy and growing your business. See exactly where your technicians are and know when the job is complete.

Whether you have one technician or an entire fleet, our GPS solution will help optimize route planning and effectively manage technician productivity and efficiency.

Water Testing Integration (Swimming Pool Companies)

Our water analysis moduleallows companies servicing swimming pools and spas to integrate information from your water-testing station. Store a complete history of water test results in each customer’s file, including results from copper, iron, salt, TDS, phosphate, biguanide sanitizer and biguanide oxidizer.

As needed, let SchedFAST provide water testing results to your clients through email.

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